Take a look at some new X-Men and Iron Man figures! 2 days ago. Comics. X-Men Creators Unveil 8 New 'X of Swords' Covers. Get your first look at the covers for 'X of Swords' Chapters 3-10, from 'Wolverine,' 'Marauders,' 'X-Force,' 'New Mutants,' and more! 2 days ago

Marvel Comics presents a preview of Empyre: X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman & Tini Howard and Matteo Buffagni. Samuel Gelman 1 day ago. 10 Of The Best Things Hugh Jackman Did As Wolverine. In one of the greatest casting decisions in cinematic history, Hugh Jackman was given the role of Wolverine for the X-Men … X-Men Film Series - In Order - IMDb X-Men Film Series - In Order . Menu. Movies. DC Comics - Films In Order a list of 34 titles All Marvel Films List a list of 77 titles Marvel Cinematic Universe - In Order a list of 24 titles See all lists by llynch-70484 » Clear your history Uncanny X-Men (1963) comic | Read Uncanny X-Men (1963

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Today, we take a look at one of the X-Men's earliest and longest-serving supporting characters, the Southern Belle herself, Candy Southern! Back when the X-Men had a vast array of non-mutant lovers and allies, Candy proved her worth over and over as not only a great ally of the X-Men, but even served a stint as leader of the New Defenders. Free Comics: Justice League Comics Collection Torrent Download Farscape #6 Torrent Download; Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Torrent Download; Nova #36 Torrent Download; X-Men Legacy #235 Torrent Download; Ultimate Comics Avengers #5 Torrent Download; Crossed: Family Values #1 Torrent Download; Firestar #1 Torrent Download; HER-oes #1 Torrent Download; Zombies VS Robots VS Amazons #1-3 Torrent Download

Thanks to comics, movies and games, the X-Men mutants are familiar to many. But what is known about each of them? Nickname and unique abilities - that's probably all. "The X-Men: The Beginning." Wolverine offers a closer look at one of the most colorful fighters of the team - Wolverine.

Essential X-Men (1995 - 2010) Panini Comics. Search Comics, Titles, Creators & More. Search. X. X. Essential X-Men. Pull Future Issues; About the Series. Essential X-Men is a comic book series by Panini Comics. Submit Corrections · Submit New Issue. Back. Bulk Actions . Subscribe & Pull Series; Add Series to Collection; Add Series to Wish List X-Men (1963) Values & Price Guide - GoCollect Comics Hottest Comics Key Issues Comics by Letter CGC Cert Lookup Investment Speculation New Comics This Week Sell My Comics. First Avengers crossover in X-Men title. Guide Watch. FMVs; 6.0 $350; 8.0 $675; 9.2 $2,200; 1965 634 Sales 9.8 FMV $13,500 X-Men #10. First appearance of … Mangaphile is back! (Organizer of "Chronological X-Men Hey, I'm Block Takeshi and I contacted you about a year ago, via Facebook. I'm glad you decided to start back up again! In the meantime, I downloaded the last year of X-Men comics, so I can just re-organize them and see if there's any you miss in your next batch of packs. X-Men Onslaught The Complete Epic TPB (2007-2008 Marvel