how to select specific files from a torrent? - Transmission 2018-10-1 script for completed torrent - Transmission 2011-5-11 VPS怎么挂PT? - 知乎 2016-2-7 · 关于做种和辅种: transmission其实是可以制作torrent文件的,用transmission-create命令即可,不会用的话可以用transmission-create --help命令查看使用帮助。 辅种的话直接提前把文件放入在配置文件中设置好的下载目录,开始后即可自动校验(跪求有人指导transmission如何跳过辅种校验,几百GB的大种校验真坑!

2009-1-12 · Once the torrent is complete you will receive a notice it has finished. Once the download has complete, if you leave Transmission open, you will begin seeding other torrents. By seeding torrents your machine will be used so that others can torrent from you. If you have a problem with this you should close Transmission immediately. Preferences

Transmission下载_Transmission官方下载【中文版 … 2018-11-27 · Transmission是以快速、轻量为显著特点的BitTorrent下载软件,太平洋下载中心提供BT下载器 Transmission for Windows官方下载,绿色、安全、无毒! Transmission BTC for Android - APK Download

iTransmission App - download BitTorrent client for iOS

Download Transmission-Qt 3.00 - softpedia Download Transmission-Qt - Quickly download torrent files with this tool, which lets you prioritize items, limit the download and upload speed, connect to different sessions, and more Get Transmission Client - Microsoft Store Connects without issue to my transmission server and allows for torrent management. After a recent update, the application now handles magnet links, which is fantastic functionality! It currently does not have the ability to toggle turtle mode or to view and toggle download status of individual files within a torrent. Transmission Qt Win 2.94 - Download in italiano