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Can't get DNS working?? |VMware Communities Oct 11, 2010 Windows XP Internet Issue. Are my connectivity issues on Windows XP related to DNS issues? Why is 'ping' unable to resolve a name when 'nslookup' works fine? Ok I am dealing with a Wired Ethernet connection and am 100% sure it is nothing outside the computer system I am working on. I'm having some problems in XP with dns resolving. Apparently it can't connect to www websites anymore. I can connect if I type it a website's IP address though. So the intenet is working. Also my lan is working and on the same computer via Win7 I can connect of course. So its something to do with XP. nslookup works too. But ping a www address May 01, 2016 · How can I view my DNS server settings? Windows XP: Start button. Click Control Panel. Choose Network Connections. Right click Local Area Connection. Choose Properties. Click on the words Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) so the background to the words highlight. Click the Properties button. Windows Vista: Start button. Click Control Panel. Choose Aug 21, 2014 · Page 1 of 4 - DNS not working but IP and nslookup do (XP pro SP2) - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Im trying to get an older laptop up and running for school, but having DNS problems.

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SMB file server share access is unsuccessful through DNS May 27, 2020 Stop and Start Windows DNS Cache, when “ ipconfig Apr 24, 2014

some time must be given in between the refresh and the register processes. the ping test is a very good test it will resolve the ip to hostname and hostname to ip. if this works then everything is fine. also check the default gateway. if routing is not enabled on your network or your router is not routable then your dns will not work. DNS Stopped Working After Windows Update