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Virgin Media not up to speed | Consumer affairs | The Guardian 2014-12-17 · Virgin Media not up to speed We signed up to ‘up to 100mb’ fibre-optic broadband but sometimes it is so slow we can’t even get Google Broadband … at a snail's pace. Broadband slow? You've now more rights Previously, slow broadband couldn't be used as a reason to escape a TV contract penalty-free. However now, if you took out your broadband and TV at the same time, and as part of a bundle from the same provider, you will now be able to walk away from the entire contract. BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have committed to the Ofcom

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2019-4-12 · Virgin Media broadband review: Coverage. Our other quibble with Virgin is that the supplied Media Hub 3 router has a slow, clunky interface and mediocre Wi …

Hello, When I access a specific web site via any Virgin Media Broadband service the speed is very slow. the site is hosted with godaddy. - 4341753 Problems with Virgin Media broadband internet - SLOW Virgin Media Broadband exclaims to be the number 1 rated broadband provider in the UK. But what does the internet community think of that? And what can you do to solve problems? One of the most common internet problems is a slow internet. This problem you can have with any internet provider, so it is not a Virgin Media specific problem. slow broadband speed - Virgin Media Community - 4237009 So from Monday when all that drama happened with virgin ive had slow internet speeds.ive gone from 360mb down and 36mb up to 20mb down and 1.5 up..ive spoke to web chat and they got a technician to call me .We went through all the known stuff restart hub ,check wires,pin on back for reset and connections and then after testing he claimed it was my hub so he said he will book a engineer to Virgin Media Broadband | Mumsnet 2 days ago · Our broadband is pretty slow so looking to upgrade but it seems we don't have fibre in the area so the speeds are about as good as it gets. Virgin Media on the other hand are claiming their speeds are 5x what we're getting with a BT line, but their reviews are pretty dire.